Itaewon Class (2020)

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The new Korean Drama Itaewon Class 2020 won a high ranking on its debut on January 31 last. Following is a synopsis of the Korean drama Itaewon Class which was adapted from the webtoon comic of the same name.

The Itaewon class tells the life of Park Sae-Roy (starring Park Seo Joon), a persistent young man who does not compromise with injustice and corruption.

Directed by Kim Sung-Yoon, Itaewon Class starring Park Seo-Joon, Kim Da-mi, and Ahn Bo-Hyun. The Itaewon Class Korean drama airs every Friday starting January 31, 2020, on JTBC and Netflix.

Synopsis Itaewon Class

On the first day of attending high school, Park Sae-Roy punched his classmate, Jang Geun-won, who bullied his other classmates. Jang Geun-won is the son of CEO Jang Dae-Hee (Yoo Jae Myung).

Jang Dae-Hee was later found to be running the Jagga restaurant business where Park Sae-Roy’s father worked. He demanded that Park Sae-Roy apologizes to his son, but Park Sae-Roy refused. The rejection put Park Sae-Roy in trouble. He was expelled from school and his father was fired from Jang Dae-Hee’s company.

Shortly thereafter, Park Sae-Roy’s father died in a motorcycle accident caused by former classmate Jang Geun-won. Park Sae-Roy, who was burning with anger, took revenge on Jang Geun-won.

Park Sae-Roy again felt unfairly treated. He was arrested and received a prison sentence for the violent attack on Jang Geun-won. Since then, Park Sae-Roy decided to destroy Jagga’s company and take revenge on CEO Jang Dae-hee and his son, Jang Geun-won.

After being released from prison, he opened a restaurant in Itaewon, Seoul. Jo Yi-Seo (Kim Da-mi) who is popular on social media then joins Park Sae-Roy’s restaurant and works there as a manager.

Holding fast to the conviction and anger over what happened to his father, Park Sae-Roy then became friends with another young man who was equally stubborn and fearless. They then together pursued dreams among the narrow streets of Itaewon.

Last Air Date:21 Mar 2020
Number Of Episode:16

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