Cold Fish (2010)

Cold Fish (2010)

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This film, which was adapted from the real events of Gen Sekine in the 1990s, is indeed not a film that can be enjoyed by everyone, especially because there are many gore scenes, nudity, and sexual content. Cold Fish can be regarded as a film ‘crazy’ and ‘sick’. The story and character of the characters are no less controversial. The characters look like normal and laypeople mostly on the outside, but in fact, it has an ‘other’ side that is ‘sick’. Each character is played very neatly by the players who play a total. Murata’s character, played by Denden, is even more intriguing than the character of the main character Shamoto.

The thriller that was presented also caused anxiety and fear on its own with the appropriate disturbing ingredients. Each scene is able to make our frowns, even inevitably, we say the phrase, “Crazy, here movie!”. But, even though this is a gore film, this film does not necessarily only show massacre with a lot of blood like other gore films. In fact, the portion of the gore is not too much, but it looks very artsy. The scene of Aiko hugging Murata’s body in the part before the ending is my favorite part. I want to display the picture, but because it’s too vulgar and ‘terrible’, it’s better not to just have to.

However, with a slow and boring path at first, Cold Fish might make some people who watch it feel sleepy or forced to pause for a while to watch it. But be patient for a while, because you will be presented with a meat dish that shakes in the middle to the final climax. A shocking ending !.

Synopsis Cold Fish

Cold Fish tells about Shamoto (Mitsuru Fukikoshi), an owner of an ornamental fish shop whose life is ordinary, tends to be boring, with his second wife and daughter, Mitsuko (Hikari Kajiwara). An incident brings Shamoto and Murata (Denden), a large and successful ornamental fish shop owner. Murata even invited Shamoto to become his business partner and introduced him to his wife Aiko (Asuka Kurosawa). Murata also gave jobs to Mitsuko as an employee at his shop. Murata’s kindness made Shamoto inevitably owe him a favor.

Tagline:He’ll make you pick up the pieces

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