Awoken (2019)

Awoken (2019)

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Awoken is an Australian film that carries the horror, mystery, and thriller genres. This Awoken film has a tagline that is Never Sleep Again. Tells the story of a medical student who is trying to cure his brother of a sleeping sickness called insomnia.

The Awoken film was directed by Daniel J. Phillips and written by Alan Grace, Daniel J Phillips. Players in the Awoken movie are Erik Thomson, Sara West, and Benson Jack Anthony.

Synopsis Awoken

Karla, a medical student, wants to find a cure for genetic terminal sleep disorders suffered by her brother, Blake. Until finally, Karla agreed to participate in an experimental treatment carried out in a long-abandoned underground hospital, led by her father, Robert.

Shortly thereafter, Karla discovers a long-lost cassette. The cassette contained a terrible secret about their mother’s death due to the same genetic conditions passed on to Blake. Karla claimed to be an atheist, concluding that the only medicine that could treat his sister was an exorcism.

Tagline:Never Sleep Again