Boo! (2018)

Boo! (2019)

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Boo’s film tells the story of a warning ignored by a family and considers it a prank. The film, directed by Luke Jaden, stars Jaden Piner, Rob Zabrecky, Aurora Perrineau, Jill Marie Jones, Charley Palmer Rothwell and Dwight Henry.

Synopsis of Boo! 2019

Starting from a joke, one family got a terrible terror from the devil who came to threaten them. It all began when they ignored the related warnings at their place of residence. Some say ghosts never existed, and all stories about ghosts are mere legends. Therefore, there is not the slightest doubt in the minds of families who intend to prove the ghost legend.

One day, they got a warning placed at the door. The piece of paper says “You have been booed!” (you have been ridiculed “. The father thinks it’s just pranking. “That’s not dad’s prank!” said the child. The father also burned the warning paper. But they began to realize that they trapped in terror. One family’s life threatened because they ignored the warning.

The father who did not believe in the joke finally realized that an evil force had come and terrorized his family. Unfortunately, it is difficult to distinguish between legends and true stories, and by the time the title turns out to be proven, it was too late. Will they getaway? Watch in your favourite movie cinema!

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