A Resistance (2019)

A Resistance (2019)

Genre: Drama, History
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A Resistance film is a South Korean film in 2019 based on a true story. A Resistance film directed by Jo Min-ho. A Resistance film starring Ko Ah-sung plays Yu Gean-Su, besides Ko Ah-Sung the film also stars Jeong Ha-dam, Kim Sae-Byuk, Choi Moo-sung, Ryoo Kyung-soo.


A 17-year-old woman named Yu Gwan-Sun (Go Ah-Sung) participated in the Korean independence movement. The country came under Japanese rule which ruled the country in 1910. After the March 1, 1919 movement, Yu Gean-sun was arrested and put into SeoDaeMun prison by Japanese state authorities.

Yoo Kwan Soon, along with many other women, was forced to live in terrible conditions in such a small prison cell. With very little food and needs, it was almost impossible for the prisoners to be able to survive in this harsh environment. However, Cell # 8 prison women do not lose their hopes because they believe that even though their physical bodies may be locked, their souls are free.