Love for Sale 2 (2019)

Love for Sale 2 (2019)

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Love For Sale 2 is still directed by Andibachtiar Yusuf with M. Irfan Ramli helping with scriptwriting like his first film.

In the first film of 2018, the user of Love Inc’s application service was Richard Achmad (Gading Marten), a man who lives alone and has been single for a long time. One time, one of his friends said to Richard, “In two weeks I will get married, bring your girlfriend or your pride that we bet.” After considering, finally, Richard uses the application to be able to get a “partner” quickly.

Come to Arini with all its perfection. Attractive appearance and charming way of communication. At first, Richard only wanted to use Arini’s services at the invitation event, but Arini requested that they be together until the deadline for the agreement. If Arini does not complete the agreement, she will be subject to sanctions from the Love Inc. company. Finally, Richard relented and let Arini stay at his house. When communicating often, Richard began to change.


This time, we will get to know Ican (Adipati Dolken). The condition of Ican, who was already an adult and not married, made Ros (Ratna Riantiarno) her mother, uneasy. Even Ros tried to match Ican to get married soon. While Ican who has not considered marriage as a priority feels disturbed. They often bicker at marriage.

To make things a little calmer and no longer an arranged marriage, Ican uses the Love Match match application. Not long, there came Arini (Della Dartyan). Ican introduces Arini as a former girlfriend during college to her mother. Arini was allowed to use one of the rented houses that Ros had.

Arini’s presence turned out to have a good impact. Ros’s family became harmonious again. Ros fell in love with Arini. Ican is also proud to introduce Arini to her friends as prospective wives. Now Ican is a cheerful person and always happy with Arini. Slowly but surely, Ican falls in love with Arini.