Shadow (2018)

Shadow (2018)

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Shadow is a 2018 Chinese-era film by Zhang Yimou. The film was released in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States in 2019.

Synopsis Shadow

Shadow (2018) with the original title “Yang” tells the story of the efforts of the Pei kingdom to seize the city of Jing which was occupied by the Kingdom of Nan. This power struggle sparked various controversies that aroused drama and suspense in this film. The shadow itself has actually brought materials known based on the classical history of China’s ‘Three Kingdoms’.

The stories provided are very complicated for viewers who are not too accustomed to watching Wuxia films. This story focuses on the protagonist named Jing, who works as a shadow commander in Ziyu, trapped in the main political system and faces a crisis of identity as a shadow.

As a shadow, Ging used commander Jiyu’s identity to act as a puppet that appeared in public. In an effort to deceive his rivals, Gong’s presence played a decisive role for Commander Jiyu and even created special tension.

Tagline:The Battlefield in Ink
Budget:$ 44.000.000,00