Another Child (2019)

Another Child (2019)

Genre: Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: 96 MinView: 338 views
3 votes, average 9.0 out of 10

This film is about two girls who are sitting in the second grade of high school. They are Joo Ri (Kim Hye Jun) and Yoon A (Park Se Jin). Both were previously not familiar, but one day they coincidentally met on the roof of the school.


Both Joo Ri and Yoon A, both of them know that Joo Ri’s father named Dae Won (Kim Yun Seok) and Yoon A’s mother named Mi Hee (Kim So Jin) is having an affair. Joo Ri herself does not want this problem to be known by her mother, Joo Young 9Yum Jung Ah). He actually chose to close the meetings and resolve it himself.

Unfortunately, Joo Ri’s plan was even confused by Yoon A who incidentally was initially not so interested in solving this problem, what else to obey Joo Ri. But suddenly Joo Ri’s phone rings and indicates that her mother is on the phone. Unexpectedly, Yoon A snatched Joo Ri’s phone and she immediately told her friend’s secret.

Of course, this conflict will be more excited between the two girls who found their parents having an affair. Until both of them got into a fight at school. Uniquely, the father in the trailer always seemed to have an innocent face. There was a bit of a comedy tickling, but sad scene. Not to mention there is a scene that shows the results of the ultrasound. A possible affair partner is pregnant.

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