99 Nama Cinta (2019)

99 Nama Cinta (2019)

Genre: Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: 106 MinView: 2,391 views
19 votes, average 5.8 out of 10

Garin Nugroho with Daniel Rifki working on a new film titled 99 Names of Love/99 Nama Cinta, starring Deva Mahenra with Acha Septriasa. The film 99 Names of Love carries a religious theme, centered on the love story of the Qibla (Deva Mahenra) and Talia (Acha Septriasa).

The film, which is under the auspices of MNC Pictures, is shown in theaters on November 14, 2019. This film tells the story of Talia (Acha Septriasa), a presenter and producer of gossip shows that are skyrocketing and gaining public attention.


One day, Talia had a guest. Talia did not expect the guest to be the Qibla (Deva Mahenra), his childhood friend. The qibla which is an Ustaz intends to give religious lessons to Talia. This Qibla did because it received a mandate from Talia’s father before he died.

The meeting resulted in several minor problems, Talia’s career plummeted. In the worst conditions, the Qibla helped Talia get back up. Togetherness and closeness to Qibla cause the vibrations of love in Talia’s heart which have been empty. But it did not go smoothly.

There is an issue that the Qibla will be matched with Husna, a new teacher at the Qibla family-owned boarding school. This will become increasingly difficult for Talia, maybe also for Qibla.