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2040 (2019)

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To continue his film in 2040, which premiered in Australia in Mei at the Gold Coast film festival, Gameau shifted its focus to the health plan, while maintaining the same optimism as broad. Meanwhile, the Sugar Film contains a vision of the end of the day teeth not recommended to discuss teens brushing their teeth out of gums, the overall message remains optimistic to strengthen the energy we need to create our bodies and our lives. Also, assembling to apply a stethoscope for the sake of the world, Gameau is positioning itself as a perfect half, with the mission of agreeing to ensure people make a difference.

Sharing his focus on key areas, including renewable energy and alternative transportation, with case studies on appropriate roads, he has compiled the film as a one-way conversation with his leading addressed four years, which will be reviewed within 25 years of titular compilation next year and, he hopes. , brighter and better parts of the world.

The prospects of this film will discuss. There is no shortage of documentaries that add to the issues that tell us, not unreasonably, that the world is or is lost to dogs. Comprehensively related to 2040 is no different to ATV programs, such as Todd Sampson’s Redding My Brain, where the host is involved with tracking experts who have spent their lives being a relatively new topic for exhibitors.

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