Blackhat (2015)

Blackhat (2015)

Quality: Year: Duration: 133 MinView: 377 views
1286 votes, average 5.3 out of 10

Blackhat tells the adventures of Chris Hemsworth in hunting hackers to several Asian countries. Blackhat full movie is an Action, Crime and Drama genre film released on January 16, 2015.

Synopsis Blackhat

The film Blackhat tells the story of a man named Nicholas Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth). Nicholas Hathaway is a genius hacker from MIT from the United States. One time there was a criminal case in the cyber field.

Agency agencies from the United States and China worked together to ask for help from Nicholas. Nick and an agent from China hunt for mysterious hackers. Because the hacker caused the crisis of China’s nuclear reactors. To track the perpetrators of these internet crimes in various cities throughout the world.

They have to fly to Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Jakarta. Their hunt for hackers who have committed these crimes makes them experience many unexpected things. Not infrequently they experience various events that endanger their lives.

Tagline:We are no longer in control.
Language:English, Bahasa indonesia, Español, Italiano, 普通话
Budget:$ 70.000.000,00
Revenue:$ 17.752.940,00

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