Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

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So far, not many films that portray cyborgs or robots in the form of humans as feeling and loving. But that’s what you will see in James Cameron’s latest film titled ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL.

In the midst of a rapidly developing technological development, Alita ( Rosa Salazar ), a teenage cyborg figure suddenly woke up in a room. He doesn’t remember a single memory about his past. It turned out that he had been designed in such a way by Dr. Dyson Ido ( Christoph Waltz ).

Ido found Alita lying in the trash. Armed with the knowledge he had, Ido also developed and united his physique to become a cyborg figure. But not only physical polishing but Dr. Ido also instill human love and feelings into Alita.

The presence of Hugo

It turns out that caring for and caring for Alita is not an easy thing. Moreover, the teen cyborg has a potential that makes it threatened in the city of Iron City.
Ido tried to protect him from his mysterious past but Alita’s turmoil and curiosity turned out to be greater. Plus, his new friend, Hugo (Keean Johnson), actually invites Alita to adventure to regain her lost memories.

Is Alita Dangerous?

Amid the evil and dangerous forces that control the city, Alita slowly begins to rediscover the pieces of her past. His unique fighting ability makes Alita one of the targets of a group of other cyborgs.
The cyborg regards Alita as a masterpiece that must be destroyed. What is the reason? And what about the mystery of Alita’s past, did she manage to regain her memory?

Film Adaptation

James Cameron is known not to want half measures in making films. The success of AVATAR is an example. Quoted from ABC, the film script itself has been written by Cameron since 2004, a project that is quite serious if the preparation takes up to 15 years.
For some people, ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL does look very familiar. The film was adapted by a manga titled Gunmm by Yukito Kishiro. James himself had received permission and a direct license from Yukito in 1999 to make his film.