Artemis Fowl 2020

Artemis Fowl 2020

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Artemis Fowl’s film was adapted based on a novel of the same name by Eoin Colfer. The film Artemis Fowl was directed by Kenneth Branagh and produced by Kenneth Branagh along with Judy Hofflund. The film stars Ferdia Shaw, Tamara Smart, Lara McDonnell, etc. Artemis Fowl’s film is planned to be aired on August 9, 2019.

Synopsis Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old boy, with a thin, pale body that has never been exposed to sunlight. At first glance, he looks like another boy at his age, but if you look closer and happen to meet him face to face (something he doesn’t really recommend), then he is no ordinary kid.

The sharp look, the fear-inspiring look, coupled with the brilliant brain and the background of his family, is the figure of Artemis Fowl – the billionaire child of the last of the Fowl family not only for their wealth but also for their wealth.

The Fowl family is a legendary villain, so clever that no one has ever been arrested or convicted, despite an archive of ‘suspicious’ activities as a result of their work, which has filled the archives of the country’s security data to Interpol. In addition to the combination of the Butler family, who not only served the daily needs of the ‘Master’ but also served as a personal bodyguard as well as a bodyguard who always ‘adhered’ closely to the employer.

This couple’s duets are capable of ‘shining’ the hearts of opponents and rivals in the world of crime. Artemis Fowl was only 12 years old, but her criminal brain had grown so rapidly, let alone bearing the responsibility and surname since the father: Senior Artemis, disappeared in Russia when the ship they boarded was detonated by the Russian mafia, and the mother became the loss of memory due to deep sadness.

Artemis is determined to bring back Fowl’s success, wealth and fame. Accompanied by Butler – his bodyguard, babysitter, a giant figure with various martial arts and weaponry, they take various actions for the same purpose.

The bold or crazy plan that the next Artemis will take is the fairy’s gold. Well, this is not just a fairytale or adventure, because Artemis has done a lot of research and research, and the fairy world and all other creatures really exist … the wealth of the Fowl family has declined since Senior Fowl Artemis disappeared.