A Dog's Journey (2019)

A Dog’s Journey (2019)

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The film A Dog’s Journey is a drama-comedy film directed by Gail Mancuso. The film A Dog’s Journey tells about the friendship of Ethan and his dog, Bailey. The script for the film A Dog’s Journey was produced by W. Bruce Cameron, Cathryn Michon, with Maya Forbes, and Wally Wolodarsky.

The film was adapted based on a 2012 novel of the same name. A Dog’s Journey is also a sequel to the 2017 film A Dog’s Purpose. The film stars Josh Gad, Dennis Quaid, Marg Helgenberger, Betty Gilpin, Kathryn Prescott, and Henry Lau.

A Dog’s Journey is a production collaboration between Amblin Entertainment, Reliance Entertainment, Walden Media, and Alibaba Pictures. And will be released and distributed by Universal Pictures. The three of them passed happiness, heartbreak, music and laughter.


A Journey tells the story of a dog named Bailey. The same dog in the film A Dog’s Purpose. Bailey lived well in Michigan agriculture. He lives with his owner, Ethan and his wife. Now CJ is the granddaughter of Ethan and Hannah who is still babies. Problems began to emerge when CJ’s mother, Gloria, decided to bring CJ.

Bailey also promised Ethan to protect and protect CJ. After that, Bailey began his journey. Bailey experienced a lot of experiences in his life. Bailey’s life is full of love, friendship, and loyalty. CJ, Bailey and also CJ’s best friend, Trent.

Tagline:Some friendships transcend lifetimes.
Revenue:$ 2.520.000,00