Golden Job (2018)

Golden Job (2018)

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A veteran named Lion (Ekin Cheng), then Kawah (Jordan Chan), Bill (Michael Tse), Calm (Chin Kar Lok), and finally Mouse (Jerry Lamb) who have been together having gone through thick and thin because they are children from orphanages. The past decade the crime boss Cho (Eric Tsang), who has now taken them all under his care, is impressed by their courage and sense of brotherhood.

Now after years of difficult missions, they aspire to settle down but of course, there is one last job. The theft is trying to steal a truck full of drugs in the interests of Lion’s lover (Charmaine Sheh).

Lion’s lover is a humanitarian doctor who really wants to need these drugs for the children he loves. However, while the theft itself went well, the theft certainly experienced an error when the team found that the truck was actually full of gold bars.

The gold belongs to an intelligence agent. This is caused by a Hungarian gangster actually has used them like a doll and one of the team is Bill who has worked with the gangster.

In the ensuing chaos, Cho is seriously injured and Lion ends up in prison, and Bill escapes with the gold. After several years in a Lion cell welcomed by Calm when he was released and an attempt to take revenge against Bill who has now become a crime king in Montenegro.

Language:日本語, English, 普通话, 广州话 / 廣州話

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