Aquaman (2018)

Aquaman (2018)

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One of the DC superhero characters will receive a large portion of the movie Aquaman full movie ready aired in theaters starting December 21, 2018. Favorite as best DC movies after Batman trilogy, Aquaman will reveal more about the true life of Arthur Curry.

Synopsis Aquaman

In the story, Arthur Curry, played by Jason Momoa, is the son of a lighthouse keeper and sea goddess. Despite having blood from the life of the kingdom of Atlantis, Arthur chose to live as a human being on land.

Until finally, Arthur met with one of the residents under the sea, Hera (Amber Heard) who said that humanity was in danger because of the ambition of Arthur’s half-brother, Orm. Arthur did not have much choice, one that made sense was to reclaim the throne that should be his.

1. Fight Orm’s Evil Intentions

In order to fight the evil intentions of Orm who want to destroy the human world, Arthur returned to Atlantis with Hera. Of course, the journey will not be as easy as turning the palm of the hand. While facing Orm, Arthur also meets Black Manta, a figure who is equally cunning as Orm.

So, what will happen to Arthur and Hera later? Did they succeed in thwarting Orm’s evil plans and become a link between the world of Atlantis and humans? Hold your curiosity first because all the answers you will find at your favorite cinema! Are you ready to venture under the sea with Jason Momoa?

2. Had a Backward Schedule

Initially, AQUAMAN was scheduled for release in July 2018. However, the release schedule was postponed by DC to October 5 of the same year.

It was reported that DC was still busy producing the BATMAN movie and also THE FLASH, so AQUAMAN seemed to have to ‘queue’ first. But apparently, recently, AQUAMAN’s schedule has even been pushed back to the end of the year.

3. Directed by James Wan

Directed by James Wan who successfully spawned THE CONJURING, AQUAMAN will make you hold your breath seeing the charm and beauty of the underwater world. Moreover, James Wan himself reportedly recruited reliable cinematographers who helped him in the film THE CONJURING 2.

Because Aquaman is a superhero who lives in two realms, it is certain that several shots must be taken in the water. Of course, it’s new to see superheroes who don’t just fight on land.